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  • Play
  • 25mm
  • £13.49
  • Bliss
  • 28mm
  • £20.99
  • Endure
  • 30mm
  • £13.99
  • Essential
  • 33mm
  • £11.99
  • Luxury
  • 35mm
  • £17.49
  • Classic
  • 35mm
  • £16.49
  • Fresh
  • 37mm
  • £16.99
  • Relax
  • 37mm
  • £19.99
  • Comfort
  • 38mm
  • £22.99
  • Deluxe
  • 40mm
  • £15.99
  • Prestige
  • 40mm
  • £22.99
Select Champion Artificial Grass
  • Champion
  • 40mm
  • £24.99

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Prestige Artificial Grass 40mm

Select Prestige is the best ever grass we have sold, with a Super-soft High Density 40mm Pile height and feels and looks like a healthy natural soft lawn. It will present a pristine lawn / grassed area with that 'just mowed & edged' look all year round.

This artificial grass is suitable for gardens, balconies. pool surrounds, play areas and indoor areas.

  • 40mm Pile Depth
  • £22.99 per metre
  • 2m or 4m widths
  • Lengths up to 25m
Prestige 40mm High density Artificial Grass

£22.99 / m2 Assisted

Child & Pet Friendly    

Complying to both BS EN1177 fire safety standards & Certified to BS 4790 suitable for 'Impact attenuating playground surfacing'. This artificial grass will provide for a safe lawn, play / activity area for children & pets with absolute minimum maintenance are care required. Self draining via pre-punched holes within the latex backing reducing mud & mess.

Designed & manufactured to be durable & resistant to pet spoiling.

40mm High Density Pile Prestige Fake Grass

Low Maintenance  

No mowing, feeding, weeding or edging this artificial grass will provide for a pristine looking lawn, play / activity area with the absolute minimum of maintenance. Save £100's over the life of this artificial grass with no maintenance costs for such as feed or insecticides. Self draining, compression resistant.

The savings in both time & money will reward you with more time to enjoy your lawn.

A Lawn for All The Family  

Unlike natural grass which is a haven for all types of bugs, insects & snails, artificial grass does not attract infestations. This results in a safe, clean area of grass that is free from chemical insecticides & weed killers all of which could be harmful for your children & pets.

Manufactured from Thiolon(r)polythene, mono-filament which is also hypoallergenic in nature, our artificial grass provides a safe haven for those who suffer from those summer allergies such as hey fever.

The materials used in manufacture have been UV stabilised so will not colour fade when exposed to direct sunlight and designed to be durable does not suffer from compression or pathway marking in well used areas. You can allow your children to play on your pristine artificial grass lawns without fear of scaring & surface damage that natural grass is prone to.

When your pets do what pets normally do on your grassed garden areas that are laid with our artificial grass there will be no 'amber patches' that inflict natural grass.

FREE Artificial Grass Samples  

Deciding whether or not to use our artificial grass can be a difficult process. A picture can not relay such as texture & feel of our products, even colours reproduced by varying devices such as PC monitors, tablets & mobile phones will vary. For all of these reasons & more we will send you up to 6 FREE samples from our artificial grass product range without any commitment on your part.

Simply click / tap the ' Free Samples' button below, select up to 6 samples & provide delivery information and we will send your selected samples to you totally free of charge & without any commitment on your part.

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Benefits of Artificial Grass

There are many benefits to using our artificial grass over that of natural grass & each will hold a different significance to different people.

In the recent past artificial grass had been labeled as 'fake grass', 'plastic grass' & some called it tacky, but with modern recycled materials and new state of the art manufacturing processes none of these terms can be seen as true anymore. With our modern artificial grass products friends & neighbours would be hard pressed to tell the difference between natural & artificial grass.

Artificial grass is now so realistic & with its maintenance free appearance it has started to add value to the homes that use it. Having that pristine just mowed & edged look to your homes landscape can be a unique selling point to any potential buyer.

During inclement weather many keep out children in doors or at least off the garden grassed areas for fear of damaging its surface, or even worse trampling mud & mess throughout the home. With artificial grass this no longer needs to be the case. Being self draining & holding no moisture or water itself, artificial grass is ready for use as soon as the rain has stopped without the fear of damaging it or creating mud patches.

Over the warranty life of our artificial grass product the savings made on maintenance & upkeep over the same natural grass area will more than meet the initial cost of the artificial grass itself.

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Select Grass will beat or at least match any competitors published price subject to the following:

  • The comparison product is not part of a promotion or sale.
  • The comparison product is of the same quality.
  • The comparison product carries the same guarantee.
  • The comparison product has been promoted at its price for at least 30 days.

Fake Grass 10 year warranty

10 Year Warranty

Select Grass artificial grass is manufactured to last. Rest assured, to deliver a first-class service with enduring products. Here at Select Grass we offer a 10-Year Limited Warranty on all of our Artificial Grass Products.

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