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  • Play
  • 25mm
  • £13.49
  • Bliss
  • 28mm
  • £20.99
  • Endure
  • 30mm
  • £13.99
  • Essential
  • 33mm
  • £11.99
  • Luxury
  • 35mm
  • £17.49
  • Classic
  • 35mm
  • £16.49
  • Fresh
  • 37mm
  • £16.99
  • Relax
  • 37mm
  • £19.99
  • Comfort
  • 38mm
  • £22.99
  • Deluxe
  • 40mm
  • £15.99
  • Prestige
  • 40mm
  • £22.99
Select Champion Artificial Grass
  • Champion
  • 40mm
  • £24.99

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Essential Artificial Grass 33mm

Select Essential is our new 33mm Pile grass but at an amazing low price combining 3 shades of fresh green and 4 curled strands helping create an artificial lawn with an award winning garden look 365 days of the year.

This artificial grass is suitable for gardens, balconies. pool surrounds, play areas and indoor areas.

  • 33mm Pile Depth
  • £11.99 per metre
  • 2m or 4m widths
  • Lengths up to 25m
Select Essential Artificial Grass

£11.99 / m2 Assisted

Child & Pet Friendly    

Artificial grass is inherently child & pet friendly. It tends not to attract such as bugs, insects & snails, all of which can be harmful to your children & pets. Any spillage / spoil can easily be washed away & drained through the pre-punched drainage wholes in the latex backing.

Conforming & Certified to BS 4790 it is also a safe cushioned surface for play / activity areas.

33mm Pile Fake Grass

Low Maintenance  

The RHS recommends mowing the lawn twice a week in summer, once a week in spring & autumn. That's a lot of lawn mowing that you can forget when you have artificial grass. It's not just the mowing, it's also the feeding, weeds & edging which are all redundant tasks when you use artificial grass.

Then there's the just mowed look you get 365 days a year, even in winter!

A Lawn for All The Family  

Being more like a carpet than a natural grass lawn it's a pleasant surface to walk or relax on. Even for those who dread the summer months & the flood of allergies, being hypoallergenic it is a safe & comforting area for such as hey fever sufferers.

For those of use who have pets, we are all aware of the patches that can be left on our lawns after our pets have soiled the grass. Artificial grass is immune to such staining, it is also more hygienic as such soiling can be washed away, the water draining through the pre-punched drainage wholes within the latex backing. It's fair to say that artificial grass is cleaned each time it rains. All of which makes it a safer play area for children than a natural grass lawn.

All of our artificial grass products conform to BS 4790 as an 'Impact attenuating playground surfacing', our products also conform to BS EN1177 fire safety standards both of which go to ensure that our artificial grass products are safe for children, people & pets alike.

The Thiolon(r)polythene, mono-filament fibres that make up our artificial grass are UV stabilised ensuring that he colour does not fade over the life of its warranty.

FREE Artificial Grass Samples  

If you are considering the use of artificial grass for your lawn, play / activity area then you will want to decide on such as colour & pile depth. Colours will look different on different viewing devices such as PC monitors, tablets & mobile phones, as for pile depth a picture tells you nothing. For just this situation we will provide you with up to 6 free samples from out range at with no commitment on your part.

Simply click / tap the ' Free Samples' button below, select up to 6 samples & provide delivery information and we will send your selected samples to you totally free of charge & without any commitment on your part.

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Benefits of Artificial Grass

There are so many benefits of artificial grass over natural grass, it's difficult to know where to start! I suppose 'no more mowing the lawn' is the most prominent, but there are many more : As well as no mowing there is no longer any need for feeding the lawn, weeding the lawn or constantly edging the lawn to stop it from spreading. Its also hypoallergenic so it can provide comfortable outdoor areas for summer allergy sufferers, it does not attract bugs, insects or snails, all of which can be harmful to your children & your pet. Then there is the permanent perfect just mowed look all year round, even in winter! and no doubt driving your neighbours insanity as their natural lawn spawns into an arctic wasteland. Add to this the 10 year warranty that we provide with all of our artificial grass products & it's difficult to see why anyone would ever want a natural lawn again.

Over the warranty life of our artificial grass product the savings made on maintenance & upkeep over the same natural grass area will more than meet the initial cost of the artificial grass itself.

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  • The comparison product is of the same quality.
  • The comparison product carries the same guarantee.
  • The comparison product has been promoted at its price for at least 30 days.

Fake Grass 10 year warranty

10 Year Warranty

Select Grass artificial grass is manufactured to last. Rest assured, to deliver a first-class service with enduring products. Here at Select Grass we offer a 10-Year Limited Warranty on all of our Artificial Grass Products.

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